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No Longer Pregnant

November 14, 2022 Conrad de Vries Season 1 Episode 5
Paper Plane Pilot
No Longer Pregnant
Show Notes

No Longer Pregnant.

We talk about life, loss, abortion and miscarriage.
There is a very complex range of dynamics once a woman is, "No Longer Pregnant," due to abortion or miscarriage, we discuss some of these aspects and hopefully give a glimmer of hope. Our studio guests are Melissa Hertz and Riani de Vries, two ladies who found themselves, "No Longer Pregnant,"  and both on the brink of death due to complications.

Welcome to my living room on a warm Sunday afternoon, for a very raw honest discussion that will help many people who feel guilt-ridden, hurt,  ashamed or in grief.
We reach out to those suffering in isolation with the best possible news, that there is hope!

Contact information:
Project Life Pregnancy Support
WhatsApp +27797934640

Paper Plane Pilot

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